Sega Forever fondly looks back at Puyo Puyo’s earliest days

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Retro

Puyo Puyo has been around quite a while at this point, this year being its 30th anniversary. For those three decades the gameplay itself has remained its iconic self, but the aesthetic and cast of characters have distinct phases that’ve changed up. This weekend, Sega turned back the clock and…

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Pokémon Shirts presented by Original Stitch now offering limited-edition Pokémon Aprons

Categories: Merchandise, News

The product line at Pokémon Shirts presented by Original Stitch is expanding! After holding a fan vote on new Poké Ball button designs to add to its customization options and adding more patterns feature Pokémon from the Hoenn region, new limited-edition aprons can now be ordered. Limited to the patterns from the Kanto region, aprons…

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