Nintendo has yet to see “satisfactory” profit on mobile

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: Mobile, News

In Nintendo’s recent financial report, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima stated that “[Nintendo has] not reached a satisfactory profit point yet” in regards to mobile games — though he also states that Super Mario Run has continued to grow in downloads, and even a year after release has maintained 20 million…

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Re-Ment introduces Kirby of the Stars series in May

Author: Lauren Musni
Categories: Merchandise, News

There seems to be an endless stream of Kirby merchandise lately. After the huge, year-long 25th anniversary celebration ended, we immediately moved on to honor the pink puffball’s 26th year, both of which brought us a multitude of new products and imagery. Moving forward, the merch numbers continue to grow,…

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Grezzo is the developer behind the 3DS Luigi’s Mansion remake

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: 3DS, News

Well, this is a bit unexpected! The Australian Classification Board has updated its website with a listing for the upcoming 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion, and the listed developer isn’t who you’d likely expect. Rather than Next Level Games, the western development team behind Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the remake…

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Lumines Remastered set for Switch this June

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News, Switch

While initially slated for a May launch, Lumines Remastered has seen fit to reveal its release date now for a month later.   [LUMINES REMASTERED release date announcement] You’ve been waiting long enough. Can you wait just a little longer? 🙏🏼 LUMINES REMASTERED is officially releasing 6/26 on Nintendo Switch,…

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