Gallery: Piplup, Build-A-Bear’s newest Pokémon plush

Author: Lauren Musni
Categories: Merchandise

We were ecstatic when Build-A-Bear’s newest Pokémon plush addition, Piplup, arrived on our doorstep recently, courtesy of the BAB headquarters. There’s nothing quite as exciting and special than opening that front door and seeing the famous and very recognizable Build-A-Bear box, especially when knowing that a Pokémon is hidden inside!…

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Impressions: Windjammers on Switch is a breath of fresh air

Author: Bryan Finch
Categories: Switch

One genre that has sadly gone the way of the dinosaurs, it seems, is the wacky, arcadey sports game. I love titles like NBA Street, Daytona USA, and even extreme sports like Tony Hawk and Snowboard Kids. In this day of overly-involved sports simulators full of loot boxes and microtransactions,…

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Review: Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! on Switch

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Reviews, Switch

Arcade games coming to home consoles has been a part of this industry for decades. You can play Pac-Man on practically anything (heck, even Google) and compilations of classics are par for the course. These bastions of flashing lights aren’t so common in America, but in Japan they never really…

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Nippon Ichi Software announces brand-new RPG Destiny Connect

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Switch

If you had a PlayStation 2 during the 2000’s, you’ll likely remember the sheer variety of JRPGs on offer, from the quirky Okage: The Shadow King to Level-5’s space faring Rogue Galaxy. This latest announcement from Nippon Ichi Software definitely takes me back to those days, with cute bubbly graphics,…

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